How to Place a Prop Bet

Prop betting is incredibly popular in sports gambling today, as there are many markets to get involved with. But bettors have to know how to place a prop bet in order to enjoy everything there is to offer. In this guide to placing prop bets at popular sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and BetMGM, bettors will learn how to place their prop bets and try to earn a payout.

Find a Prop Bet

The first step to placing a prop bet at popular sportsbooks, bettors first have to find the prop that they want to wager on. To do that, bettors have to use the menu at whichever sportsbook they use to select which sport they want to wager on. Once they have done that, bettors can select which league they want to wager on and go to the props section, whether it be game props or player props.

Once a bettor has selected what sport and league they want to bet on and what kind of props they want to look at, bettors can pick which props they want to bet. There are more prop options available at most sportsbooks than there are conventional markets like point spreads and totals. And with all of those options comes plenty of opportunities to find value in the prop markets.

Do Your Research

In order to confirm whether or not a bettor wants to lock in a prop bet, a lot of research is required. Bettors need to make sure that the prop bets they are interested in are good bets, and going through all of the data is necessary to do that. What information should be looked at depends on the prop market that a bettor is evaluating, but there is no shortage of data to pore through in prop bets in major sports leagues.

For example, bettors should be sure to look at how opposing run defenses are performing before betting on a rushing yardage prop. Or bettors should look at how defenses have performed against slot receivers before betting on a slot receiver’s yardage props. There are so many ways to use data to a bettor’s advantage when betting on props at any major sportsbook that the research must become a part of the process.

Place Your Bet

Once a bettor has selected a prop market and done the research to verify that they want to wager on it, bettors can then lock in their bet. To do this, bettors can select which side of the prop bet they want to wager on. They can then enter the amount they want to wager on that prop and select the Place Bet button to finalize their wager.

Overall, locking in prop bets is easier than ever, as sportsbooks continue to get more and more user-friendly. For all major sportsbooks, only a few clicks are required to go from the home screen to the prop bets section in each sport to locking in a bet for a specific amount in those markets.