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Thanks to the popularity of football betting, sportsbooks have added a massive menu of options to wager on during games. One area that has seen a big increase in options in recent seasons has been player props, which allow bettors to interact with each game in unique ways. In this guide to player props, we will discuss what these bets are and some tips for placing quality prop bets. We have also launched

What are Player Props?

Player props are bets that focus on the performance of individual players during the course of a football game. These props can focus on players at any position on the field, from quarterbacks to skill position players and even defenders in some cases. And each player at those positions has several types of props that can be wagered on that make betting on football more interesting.

The most popular types of player props typically come in the form of over/under bets. These can range from totals markets on the amount of yardage a player amasses during a game to the number of touchdowns that a player earns during a game. Bettors who can zero in on specific players and find an advantage in specific markets stand to make money through these totals props.

There are also player props related to things like whether or not a player will score a touchdown in a game, among others. These props have made it so that bettors have very few limitations as to what they can bet on during football games. Find out how to make a player prop bet

What sports can you bet props on

This really depends on the sportsbook, as they can take take prop bets on any sport they choose. This is why it’s so important to choose the best betting site for props. However, the main 3 sports where you can bet on props are:

Player Prop Betting Strategy

Player props are more plentiful than most betting markets in major sports leagues, as there are so many players for whom props are available. But to make a profit betting on player props, some strategy is required. These tips for betting player props can help lay the groundwork for bettors to make money on the player prop markets across a multitude of sports.

Consider Your Matchups

The most important thing that bettors must do when betting on player props is thinking of how the matchup a player is facing will impact that player’s performance in a game. All teams are better equipped to defend some positions better than others, and identifying those strengths and weaknesses is essential to success with player props. Bettors can break this down even further, and look at the individual defenders most likely to take on the player in question.

Bettors can also look at the history of a player against a certain team or player that they have matched up against to get an idea as to how they will perform in their next meeting. While bettors may be inclined to simply bet props based on a player’s season averages, looking at how that player does against the specific team they are facing could be much more valuable to examine.

Correlated Parlays

Another strategy worth looking at when betting on player props is one that requires the ability to place parlays consisting of player props at a sportsbook. A correlated parlay is one where bettors are making multiple selections, where the outcome of one of those selections impacts the rest. In the case of player props, this is something that can be done with some critical thinking.

In the player prop markets, it stands to reason that if one player is scoring more than the expected amount, that other players will have to take a step back in most cases. After all, there are only so many possessions available to each team in a game of football or basketball. So if a bettor projects that a player is going to greatly exceed their point total, it could be smart to pair that with an under for a teammate that will see their workload diminished should the first player score in large numbers.

Line Shopping

It cannot be overstated how important line shopping is in the sports betting marketplace, and for player prop bets specifically. Line shopping is the act of looking at multiple sportsbooks’ betting lines, in an effort to find the best odds and the best betting lines possible. For player props, this means looking to see which sportsbook has the lowest totals for betting the over on player props, or the highest totals if a bettor is looking to take the under.

While betting the over with one less point needed to get there doesn’t sound like a big deal, it can make a big difference over time. Line shopping increases a bettor’s win probability by just a little bit every time they take a more favorable line. And those small boosts can mean significant differences in units won and lost at the end of each year.

Skilled vs. Fun Prop Bets

Prop bets are unavoidable in sports betting today, as sportsbooks have made more and more proposition bets available throughout the last few years. And with all of the available prop markets out, there are bets that skilled bettors often make, along with those that recreational bettors flock to. In this look at prop betting, we break down the two genres of prop bets along with some examples and why they fall into each category.

Skilled Prop Bets

Player Props

Player props are the type of prop played most often by skilled sports bettors. The reason for this is the fact that there are so many player props that talented bettors can find value in these markets more often than they can in more streamlined markets. These most often come in the form of over/unders, as bettors can wager on whether a player will or will not live up to expectations during a game.

Also, making player props something that sticks out to skilled prop bettors is the fact that analytical skills are rewarded in this type of bet. Bettors can analyze everything from recent statistical outputs from players to their anticipated matchups in an upcoming game to how the weather will impact performance. For bettors who are willing to put in the work, this type of bet is one that can provide huge profits.

First Scorer Props

In a similar vein, first scorer prop bets are another type of wager that can greatly reward bettors who understand tendencies across a variety of sports. Some teams look for specific players in scoring situations or rely more heavily on them across the board than others. It is up to bettors to do the research to determine who those players are.

Of course, in different sports, becoming the first scorer of a game requires different events to go a player’s way. In basketball, a team has the best chance to score first when they win the opening tip, while football teams often need to get the ball first to score first. But whatever the method, teams that have a certain pattern of first scorers can be exploited to make money in those markets.

Fun Props

Novelty Props

There aren’t many instances where bettors can get an edge in novelty prop markets such as coin tosses, or what color drink will be poured on a winning coach. Because of that, these props are typically enjoyed more by recreational bettors. But they are still very popular in spite of the fact that most seasoned sports bettors won’t touch them.

Game Props

Just like novelty props, the same recreational philosophy can be applied to a lot of game props where there aren’t really edges to benefit from. Markets like whether or not a team will score three times in a row or whether the total score of a game will be an odd or even number are fun to bet on, but they do not reward bettors who dive into the data such as the aforementioned skill-based prop bets. Either way, there is enough of a market for these bets to justify their continued existence.

Tips for Player Prop Betting

The most important tip for betting on props is for bettors to stick to what they know. Sports bettors always have a better chance to win their wagers when they focus on teams and players that they know the best. Trying to expand those boundaries without taking the time to learn about the players and teams involved for an extended period of time is a recipe for some less than stellar prop bets.

To take that point further, bettors should try and narrow their focus to a select group of prop markets. Even if they know a lot about a team, a bettor who tries to focus on too many types of props at once can end up hurting their chances of winning by lacking the focus needed to do enough research to find value in specific markets.

Pros and Cons to Prop Betting


Freedom of choice is the biggest positive to player prop betting in football. There are so many different props to choose from that bettors can really zero in on markets that they are the best at. With point spread and total markets being very sharp in football, props can often be a way to get better value in single-game wagers.


On the flip side, bettors have to be careful not to focus on too many different props at the same time. Focus is key when it comes to betting on props, and the sheer number of prop options that are out there can be overwhelming if a bettor is not careful.