Prop Betting Sites

Are you looking for the best prop betting sites and sportsbooks? Betting on props has become more and more popular as players become used to it as a betting option. It is fun, rewarding and of course there are ample opportunities to win, especially is you put props in a parlay. But, where can you place these prop bets, and more importantly, which sportsbooks offer the best player props and prop bets.

Where to Bet Props Online

As prop betting has become more popular, more and more sportsbooks are now offering them. Props will either be player props, where you are betting on the performance of a specific player, or team props, where you are betting on the performance of a particular team. The way to find props online, is to go to the sportsbook you use, select the sport, and then the match. You will then see all the betting options for the match provided by the sportsbook. There should be the main ones like moneyline, over/under and spread, and then you will most likely see a link or tab for Player Props or Game Props (depending on the sportsbook). Once selected you will have the full list of the props offered by that sportsbook for that specific match.

Which Sportsbook has the Best Player Props

This will typically be left up to personal opinion and experience and depends on whether you are looking for the best NFL player props, best MLB player props or best NBA player props. Although most US Sportsbooks offer prop betting, some might have more of a focus on NFL, or MLB. Some might also prefer to focus on game props instead of player props. So it really depends on what you are looking for. That being said, we have found that BetMGM, Fanduel and DraftKings typically provide the best player props with the most options and best odds.

Best Player Props site

Once again, this really depends on what you are looking to bet on. However, if we needed to choose one sportsbook to bet player props on, we would choose DraftKings.