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MLB Player Props & Bets for today

We provide daily MLB Player Props, and these can include: player home runs over/under, player home run and team to win, pitcher to record a win, strikeouts by pitcher, hits by player, total basis, runs scored by player etc.

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We provide daily MLB Game Props, and try and focus on the most popular. These can include: if there will be extra innings, which team will score the first run, if both teams will score more than 3 runs, will the final score be even or odd etc.

What is a Home Run Prop?

A home run occurs when a batter hits a fair ball and scores on the play without being put out or without the benefit of an error. A home run is one of the most celebrated and exciting plays in Baseball. There are two types of Home Runs in MLB namely Inside-the-Park Home Run and Out of the park Home Run.

Inside-the-Park Home Run

Inside-the-Park Home Run is a type of home run which occurs when the batter hits the ball into the field of play but is able to round all of the bases safely without being tagged out. This type of Home Run is rare and and it usually occurs with a very fast runner at the plate and also with some sort of errors by an outfielder.

Out of the park Home Run

An out of the park Home Run is a batted ball that goes over the outfield wall before touching the ground , this becomes an automatic double. It is important to note that this is the most popular home run in MLB.

What is the record for home runs in a match and in a season?
The record home runs in a single match stands at 7 home runs and this record is shared by White Sox and the Tigers.
Minnesota Twins has the most home runs in a season and they recorded this feat of 307 Home Runs in the 2019 season.

What are total run Props

This is a bet on the total number of runs that are going to be scored by both teams in a baseball game. A bookmaker will lay out what they think the total number of runs will be and then you will get to bet on whether it will be over or under that amount. If you are correct, you’ll win your bet. Total runs means the cumulative total of what both teams score. For example, if the final score of a game is 8-2, then the total runs scored is 10.

What is the record for total runs by a team and by a player for a match?
Chicago Cubs holds the record for most runs scored by a team in a single game, which is 36, when they set this record, they were still called Chicago Colts and they were playng against the Louisville Colonels.
Guy Hecker of the American Association’s Louisville Colonels is the record holder for most runs scored by a player in a single game, he scored 7 runs in 1886.

What are player bases props

There is a total of four bases in MLN namely home plate, first base, second base, and third base. All the four bases form a diamond or square starting with home plate. If you are standing at home plate, the first base is 90 degrees to the right and 90 feet away. Third base is to the left and second base is between first and third.

What is the record for total bases by a team and by a player for a match
The record for most total bases by a team in one game is currently hels by the Red Sox, they managed to hit a total of 60 TB on the 8th of June 1950 in a 29–4 victory against St. Louis Browns.
On the 23rd of May 2002 when Shawn Green was playing for Los Angeles Dodgers, he recorded a total of 19 TB in a match against the Milwaukee Brewers and this is the current record for single game total bases . Green managed four home runs, a single and a double.

What is a strikeout Prop

A strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. (A foul ball counts as a strike, but it cannot be the third and final strike of the at-bat. A foul tip, which is caught by the catcher, is considered a third strike.)
The batter is automatically out on a strikeout, unless the catcher does not cleanly hold onto the baseball or if the baseball hits the dirt. If the catcher does not catch the third strike, the batter may attempt to run to first base — if it is open or if there are two outs. However, even if the batter reaches first base safely, the pitcher and the batter are still credited with a strikeout in the scorebook.

What is the record for strikeouts by a team and by a player for a match?
The overall record for most strikeouts in a game is 21, by Tom Cheney of the Washington Senators against the Baltimore Orioles, over 16 innings on Sept. 12, 1962.
Reds Batters has the record most strikeouts which is a total of 22 strikeouts recorded on the 8th of August 1972 against Los Angeles.