NBA Player Props for Today

Find the latest NBA Props for today. We have the Best NBA Prop Bets and Picks for today, updated daily.

NBA Player Props/Bets for today

We will be providing the best NBA player props, prop picks and prop bets for today. The most popular typically revolve around points, rebounds and assists, and will typically be a Totals, Over/Under bet.

Most Popular NBA Player Prop Bets 

During the NBA season, punters are afforded the chance to place all sorts of sports bets. Like any other sport, players at most online gambling platforms can place pre-match bets as well as in-play bets. Regardless of the type that punters settle for, they also are afforded an opportunity to either place team bets or player prop bets. Team bets are the common bets in which punters predict how a certain will fare during a match in terms of results and other match outcomes. Player prop bets on the other hand are bets placed for individual players with regards to how they will individually perform during a match and the achievements they are likely to attain. With regards to the latter bets that is player prop bets, below are the most popular player prop bets for the NBA. 

  • First Basket 

The ‘First Basket’ is arguably the most popular NBA player prop bet. The popularity of the bet largely stems from the fact that it’s simple. Punters who want to place such a bet will need to pick a player who will score the first basket from any of the two teams that are going head to head. In recent times, some bookmakers have added an extra layer of complexity to the first basket. Of course, the more complex it is, the higher the odds hence the higher the potential payout. The bookies that have added an extra layer of complexity to the first basket prop bet prompt punters to choose if the first basket is going to be a three-pointer or dunk among others. 

  • Most Rebounds 

Another popular NBA player prop bet comes in the form of the ‘Most Rebounds’. This bet is self-explanatory as punters are instructed to choose the player who will score the most rebounds from any of the teams that are going head to head. The benchmark for this player prop bet are individual players meaning the player the punters backs simply has to outscore all other players both from his and the opposing team. The outcome of the match does not matter for the settlement of this bet. 

  • Total Points (Over/Under) 

This player prop bet is another of the straightforward NBA player prop bets that’s highly popular with sports punters. For this prop bet, punters simply pick the player whom they think his total score point will exceed or fall below a certain margin. If the punter picks Derrick White to score over 22.5 points during a match, that bet will be successful if Derrick White’s point haul during the match is 23 or over. If the points haul is 22 or below regardless of the reason including injuries, then the bet fails. 

Round Up 

The emergence of prop bets in the NBA gambling sphere has further enhanced the exciting and entertaining nature of the sector. This owing to the fact that punters nowadays are given the room to back their favourite players individually instead of being restricted to betting on a team as a whole. 

NBA Game Props/Bets for today

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