NFL Player Reception Props

There are so many types of football prop bets that bettors are limited only by their imaginations when trying to place bets on football games. This is true for all facets of the game, including the passing game, where bettors are able to wager on the number of receptions a player will make with reception props. Here, we break down what these props consist of, the benefits of playing them, and things to think about when placing these wagers.

What Are Player Reception Props?

Player reception prop bets are all about how many catches a player makes over the course of a football game. These come in the form of over/under bets, where a sportsbook sets a total number of receptions for a player, and the bettor selects either the over or the under. These props are available for wide receivers, with running backs and tight ends often listed for action as well.

For example, if a sportsbook set a total of 3.5 receptions for a wide receiver, bettors could select the over or under. If the receiver made three or fewer catches for the game, the under would be the winning bet. If they made four or more receptions, the over would be the side that cashed for its bettors.

It should be noted that the yardage amounts of each reception are not important to the outcome of these prop bets, nor is the result of the game itself. All that matters for the purposes of this bet is how many catches the player makes over the course of the game.

What to Consider When Betting Reception Props

When making total reception props, the anticipated matchups for each player on the offense must be considered. A wide receiver can be the most dynamic player in the world, but if they are set to take on a lockdown corner on a defense that plays a lot of man-to-man coverage, they may not be as effective as they usually are. Or, if a running back is playing against a team with a great pass rush, they may be used as a safety valve on check-downs more often than usual.

Also worth considering is the idea that lesser-known players often carry more value in reception props than star players. Finding opportunities where slot receivers or tight ends may have a big game can give bettors a chance to bet overs in this market at lower numbers than the ones stars typically get assigned.

Pros and Cons Of Reception Props


When betting on reception total props, the biggest positive is the number of different angles bettors can consider when wagering on them. Bettors can focus on stars, they can focus on players at different positions, and they can focus on several other components of this market to find value. With this market not being as popular as the point spread or the total, it isn’t always as sharp, and bettors can beat it more consistently if they know what to look for.


On the negative side, bettors have the potential to find themselves in a blowout game once in a while. Blowouts often result in teams running the ball down the stretch rather than passing it or pulling starters out of the game to avoid injury. Those decisions by coaching staff can derail even the most well-thought-out reception total play.