NFL Receiving Yards Prop Picks

The NFL is all about passing offenses in the present day, and the fascination with passing has even extended to prop betting. Receiving yardage props allow bettors to focus solely on how well pass catchers are going to perform. These props can be a fun way to get involved with the most fun part of football.

What are Receiving Yards Props?

Receiving yardage props are prop bets that are centered around how many receiving yards a player or players will have during a football game. There are a couple of main variations of this type of bet, but they all center around the number of yards that players pull in through the air. It should be noted that these props are not confined just to wide receivers, as they are often listed for tight ends and running backs as well as receivers.

Types of Receiving Yardage Props

There are two main types of receiving yardage props, with the first one being the over/under market. This is easily the most common form of receiving yards prop bet, as bettors have to predict whether a player will earn more yards or fewer yards than the total set by bookmakers. In this market, bettors focus their attention on the specific player they bet on rather than the outcome of the entire game.

The other major receiving yardage prop bet is one that asks which player will have the most receiving yards on a given day in football. This prop is usually posted for each day where there are a large number of games on the schedule, such as a Sunday during the NFL season. In this market, all of the top receivers and skill position players scheduled to play in a day are put on the board to bet on.

In the most receiving yards prop market, there are typically some attractive plus prices available for talented players. With so many options to choose from, bookmakers have no choice but to offer bigger payouts as the leading receiver for a full slate of games can come from a number of different matchups.

Pros and Cons of Receiving Yards Props


As is the case with nearly every prop betting market, the biggest positive to this type of prop is that it rewards bettors who can dig deep to find favorable matchups. In this prop specifically, there are so many ways to do this, as the inclusion of receivers, running backs, and tight ends can all exploit defenses in different ways. And on the flip side, some defenses are better at stopping players at each of those positions, more so than others, which can provide value to the under at times.


The only real negative to this market is the fact that football teams do not have any obligation to keep going back to a specific player in the passing game. Factors like time and score could prompt teams to run the ball late in games, or teams could just decide to go to another matchup that is working for them. Either way, there is no guarantee that a quarterback will target a specific player over the course of a football game.