NFL Total Passing Yards Props

In football today, the passing game is the most efficient way to move the ball down the field, with some offenses relying almost exclusively on throwing the football to gain yardage. And passing yards props are a way to wager on how successful passing offenses will be as they take to the air looking to get the better of opposing defenses.

What are Passing Yards Props?

Passing yardage props are bets that can be made pertaining specifically to how many yards a player will throw for during a football game. These props are predominantly reserved for quarterbacks but can be for other skill position players if they have proven to be a part of a team’s passing attack. They are usually over/under bets, where oddsmakers set a total number of yards, and bettors can choose whether they think that player’s yardage will be higher or lower than that amount.

Bettors can also wager on which quarterback will have the most passing yards during a day of football games at some sportsbooks. These props are often reserved for days with a large number of games on the schedule, such as Saturdays during college football season and Sundays during NFL season. And if a bettor is able to pick the quarterback with the highest total during a full slate of games, they can often get a payout at a hefty plus price.

Advice for Passing Yards Props

When betting on passing yardage props, bettors have to break down how each quarterback is going to fare against an opposing defense. To do this, bettors should look at the statistical outputs of both sides during the season, as well as how a quarterback has performed against that team historically. They must then factor in things like injuries, weather, and scheduling situations that could impact the results.

Another key piece of advice for passing yards props is not to assume that a team is going to rely heavily on its passing game at all times. In matchups where a team is heavily favored against a lesser opponent, it might be prudent for the underdog to run the ball to keep the clock moving and limit possessions. That could drastically reduce passing yardage for both quarterbacks, and bettors have to keep situations like that in mind.

Pros and Cons of Passing Yards Props


A huge positive of passing yardage props is that it rewards bettors who can key in on mismatches between offenses and defenses. Sometimes the numbers and matchups for a football game are vastly different than what the national media narratives say. When bettors can identify those moments, they can zero in on profitable bets in this market.


The biggest negative for this market is the potential for a quarterback injury to ruin a wager. Quarterbacks are protected by many rules in football, but there are still moments where injuries can occur and eliminate the chances of a passing yardage over play hitting. While that is far from the most important thing when a player is injured, it is a risk that comes with playing this type of bet.