Any Time Touchdown Scorer Prop Bet Predictions

With prop betting becoming an integral part of the football betting experience, the touchdown scorer betting market has become a staple of Sunday football action. But to place effective touchdown scorer prop bets, bettors must first understand what this market consists of and what types of touchdown scorer props are out there.

What is the touchdown scorer prop?

The touchdown scorer prop bet asks bettors to wager on whether or not a player will score a touchdown over the course of a football game. This market can be tough to predict, as even the best players in the league only averaging around a touchdown or so per game. And with misdirection and gadget plays being such a big part of football offenses today, more players than ever can find their way into the end zone each week.

Thanks to the rather broad nature of this prop bet, there are several angles that bettors can take to turn a profit betting on it. Everything from backing the top players on a team to score to betting on players who rarely see the football can be an effective strategy as long as bettors consider the matchups those players have to overcome to get into the endzone.

Types of touchdown scorer prop bets

There are two main touchdown scorer prop types out there. The first of those is the anytime touchdown scorer prop, where bettors are tasked with simply picking whether or not a player will score over the course of a full game. With players having 60 minutes plus any overtime period to get into the endzone, the payout for this market is typically less than the first touchdown scorer market.

The first touchdown scorer market asks bettors to predict which player will be the first to score a touchdown in a football game. Unlike the anytime touchdown scorer market, which can have multiple winners in each game, the first touchdown scorer prop only has one winner in each game. Because of that, the payouts are higher, and the market is tougher to predict, as teams can go in any direction to score their first touchdown.

Pros and Cons


As far as positives are concerned, the biggest surrounding touchdown scorer prop bets is the fact that this market rewards bettors who understand matchups on the football field. Some teams rely more heavily on rushing or passing, and some teams are better equipped to stop the run or the pass. Bettors who can figure out how offenses and defenses are poised to interact with one another have a real chance to make a profit betting on touchdown scorer markets.


On the flip side, the lone negative to betting on touchdown scorer props is the fact that some teams make it extremely difficult to predict where they will go with the ball in the red zone. Bill Belichick, for example, is notorious for spreading the ball around to targets that bettors would never expect when his teams are close to the end zone. In some cases, this can make betting on touchdown scorers a real challenge.